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Question: What is the Fastest Way to Book and/or Check Availability?

Answer: Our Booking Form will allow for us to break down your needs in the most efficient way possible, and respond to your specific needs. We respond to all booking request within 24-48 hours.

Question: I filled out a form, What next?


  1. We will email an invoice and or custom quote (if requested)

  2. Once pricing on custom quotes is confirmed we will check availability. (skip tp 3 if custom quote is not applicable)

  3. A *Deposit is needed to secure the time slots with our available artists. An email invoice link will be sent that accepts all major credit cards. *We cover fees for deposits.

  4. Once Paid we are set to go!

Note*: We cannot reserve the time slot without this deposit.


Question: My event is outdoors, what if it rains?

Answer: Our artists show up rain or shine! If you are booking during the rainy months, please have a plan B pop up or indoor location available, as our deposit is non-refundable. We do a lot of work on the backend for intaking and scheduling and our artists will have to turn down other events once committed.


Question: Why can’t I get ahold of anyone on the phone?

Answer: We are a family run business with only one backend focused employee.

Since we have a high volume of customers we prioritize:

  1. Giving quick quotes to those who fill out our booking form

  2. Doing quick availability checks

  3. Quick deposit invoicing to schedule artists fast, avoiding double bookings at all costs

  4. Intaking all information to keep things super organized!

  5. Quality checking the artists we send to your events

    We are happy to answer all questions via email

  6. If there is an emergency at your event, you may ask the artist for a direct phone number

Question: What forms of payment do you accept?


Deposits will be by credit card. We will send an invoice once the booking form is received and we have  confirmed artists availability. (This is non-refundable)

Balance Payment Options:

1. Venmo are the only payments accepted on the day of the event if prior arrangements have been made for this. 

2. Zelle or Chase Quickpay (no fees attached) may be accepted as long as it is processed a minimum of 2 days before the event.

3. Credit card balance payments may be accepted with a 3.5% processing fee.

4. Checks are accepted from schools or businesses if received a minimum of 2-3 days before the event, along with a signed invoice confirming payment. 

Question: Can I reschedule my event and use the same deposit?

Answer: If you give us 10 days notice before your scheduled event date we can use the same deposit. If it is less than 10 days, we would need a new deposit for a new date to schedule an artist.

Question: Does Time Hired include set up?

Answer: Set up time will not be charged, so your time hired is YOUR time! Also we will provide any equipment necessary for our services.

Question: When should I start my entertainment?

Answer: Start the artists hired time when the guests have had time to arrive. It is not ideal to have the artists are doing nothing while the guests are settling in or if they are on the later side. 

Question: How do I choose the right entertainment for the age groups?

Answer: Fill out one of our inquiry/booking forms and we are happy to help! We know what the kids are into.

Question: How much time should I hire for?

Answer: To determine the duration, let's begin by finding out the number of children who will be attending. This factor plays a key role in establishing the timing. Understanding the required time will not only assist in cost savings but also enable the possibility of reallocating funds to enhance the entertainment value within the same budget.

While there might be instances where certain minimum time requirements are inevitable, we will strive to align with your specific requirements to the best of our ability.

Question: Can I add more time at the event if needed?
Answer: If more time is needed, you can simply check with the artist directly to see if their schedule allows for an extension. You are welcome to extend in 15min increments. This will need to be paid in cash at your event.

Question: I don’t see the combo package I want. Can I still get discounts?
Answer: Yes! Request a Custom Quote and we will combine bundle discounts for your own combo. We just post the most popular combos, but any combo will receive deserved discounts! Fill out our form to inquiry on pricing.

Question: Do you charge travel fees?

Answer: Travel fees will be applied if you are not in the Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, North Las Vegas or greater San Diego area if  artist’s availability is not available in your area. We will make sure you are aware of this fee BEFORE booking so it is not hidden.

Question: How many people can be accommodated per hour?

Face Painting = 20 Guests/Hr

Balloon Twisting = 20 Guests/Hr

Caricatures are unique in that what can be accomplished varies Per Person Being Drawn based on complexity. You get to choose!

2-3 minutes : ~B&W~ Face Only drawings

5-7 minutes: ~B&W~ Face + Body drawing

5-7 minutes: ~Color~ Face Only drawings

10-15 minutes: ~Color~ Face + Body + themed background drawings

Glitter Tattoos = 15-20 Guests/Hr

Henna Tattoos = 12-20 Guests/Hr

Hand Print Art= 10-12 Guests/Hr

Color Hair Spraying = 20 guests/Hr

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